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Finley Point - Incredible Sunsets on The Lake

Updated: Nov 25

Distance from Mt. Forge: 20 minutes to Finley Point Road

Finley Point is a peninsula on the eastern side of Flathead Lake. The first time I ever went to Finley Point was the day before we built the cabin on Mount Forge. I had a little bit of time to kill during sunset so I drove out there not knowing what to expect. That night I saw the most amazing sunset of my life.

We've spent a fair amount of time on Finley Point, mostly using it to access the lake for canoeing and fishing. Finley Point State Park is a campground about halfway into the park. It has a beautiful lake view and several campsites. It seems to be pretty popular in the summer months. There's also a boat ramp, but you'll want to wait until around June when the water rises to try to get your boat in the water!

There are a few Lake County maintained areas on Finley Point that are awesome and very unknown, mostly due to the difficulty to find any information about them online.

Mellett Point is located here. It has a small lakefront beach access with two parking spots. It's a great place for a picnic or to do some shore fishing, but it doesn't have any boat/kayak access.

Then there is Finley Point Villa Site Central located here. This spot is a smaller beach area with a picnic table. There's a little shallow bay that would probably be fun for swimming & shore fishing. It is a little less heavily trafficked and maintained, but if you have a 4WD vehicle you can back down the steep road to drop your canoe or kayak into the water. Be aware of the neighbors and do not trespass.

There is a small walking trail owned by Lake County that you can also walk on around here. Again be aware of the neighboring properties because it is easy to walk off the trail into someone else's property.

There is a public boat ramp with easy lake access located here. You'll have to park up the hill a bit to avoid blocking the road.

Finley Point is a beautiful and secluded gem on the lake and I strongly recommend checking it out, especially for a sunset. Even just driving around the roads at that time will be incredible!

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